Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Who ever said that the genie can only give you three wishes?

Before even stepping foot into the wonderful west-coast, I had so many mini wishes take place in Pittsburgh. Being that I have never escaped the freezing tundra of western Pennsylvania, I had no idea what to expect! Thanks to a very good friend of mine, who knows everybody who is anybody in Pittsburgh, I was able to meet some incredible individuals in the fashion world! They were each so willing to hear my story and become a part of it.

Sabika jewelry is a family owned company by Karin and Conrad Mayr; along with their children, Alexandra and Kerstin. Their business, located in Robinson township, features handmade pieces from Austria and Germany. Each design is unique in its own because of the different stones and metals. When wearing these exquisite treasures, I feel like attending a dazzling, roof-top dinner while sipping on Perrier and snacking on the finest fromage. 
This family affair is a production from women, for women. They really focus on each glamorous gal who chooses to embody the elegance of Sabika. In my case, I was more than spoiled with this luxury. When they heard that I was attending LA fashion week, they generously offered to give me jewelery so I could be red-carpet ready! I was enchanted to meet this fashionable family, learn the Sabika story, and enjoy a spree at Anthropologie! 

So that would have been enough, right? When you give control to the man upstairs, things evolve immensely. The second meeting I had was with Kiya Tomlin and Sandra (Sandra Cadavid). I was invited to Kiya's studio and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon filled with snacks, sparkling water, and style. I am so thankful to have met these charming ladies! Kiya gifted me with a dress to wear while I am in LA and Sandra accessorized me with delicate designs! Their pieces made me feel as if I could fit in with the lala land luxury.

Last, but not least, I had the opportunity to go to Emy Mack's studio in Pittsburgh. She is a local shoe designer that uses all Italian leather. Her heart-stopping heels, fabulous flats, luxurious loafers, and beautiful boots will make you swoon. Her collections are elegant and trendy; Emy truly has a great sole. She generously gave me a beautiful pair of gun-metal flats that will match any outfit! 

I give each of these lovely ladies my utmost graditude. It is a privledge to know them and an honor to wear their designs! Look out; I'm bringing Pittaburgh to LA!!!

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